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MX-Z2000H Series

Fiber Laser Marker

MX-Z2000H Series

Great for either deep or shallow engraving in metals, marking on plastics/resins or plastic films, and for fine processing. Mark anything from electronic parts to automotive parts.

Production is expected to close in October 2020.


Items Sold Separately

MX-9301 Controller power supply cable (PSE,UL) plug type B
MX-9302 Controller power supply cable (VDE,AS) plug type F
MX-9230 EE mode activation key
Finder option Please refer to the catalogue Q255-E1.
Other Contact your local OMRON representative about details.

Note: Use commercially available products for the other devices required: USB keyboard, USB mouse< and monitor (VGA 3-row 15-pin, or DVI-D input with 1,024×768 minimum resolution).