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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Ionizer (Air Push Type)


Wide Range of Nozzles for Optimal Ionization

Select the Nozzle for the Application

Standard Nozzle

An application example of the basic standard nozzle.

KS1 Features 2

Shower Nozzle

Injects ionized air over an angle of 60° or 90°.

KS1 Features 3

Flat Nozzle

• Injects ionized air over an angle of 90° to enable ionization of comparatively wide objects.
• The air blow direction can be changed.

KS1 Features 4

Combination of Standard Nozzle and Optional Tube

Attach the Optional Tube to the Standard Nozzle to blow ionized air close to the workpiece for pin-point ionization.

KS1 Features 5

Straight Bar Nozzle

• Neutralizes static electricity over a wide area.
• Five ionization areas from 100 to 500 mm.
• The air blow direction can be changed.

KS1 Features 6

Combination of Flexible Tube Nozzle and Optional Cap

Combine the nozzle cap at the tip of the nozzle to enable many ionization applications.

KS1 Features 7

Efficient Pin-point Ionization

High-speed ionization of the target spot is possible by using a tube or metal pipe to get closer to the workpiece.
The Ionizer can be brought as close as 1 mm to the workpiece.

24-VDC Power Supply with No High-voltage Wiring Required

Only the 24-VDC power supply for the Ionizer is needed.
No dangerous high-voltage wiring is required.

High-frequency AC Method with Excellent Ion Balance

Uses more compact high-frequency AC method with excellent ion balance and stability.

Compact Type with Built-in Controller

Controller section built in. Simple all-in-one Unit that installs easily just about anywhere.

KS1 Features 12