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Pressure Sensor: Relationship among Units of Pressure

FAQ No. FAQ01327

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What is the relationship among units of pressure?


The relationships are given in the following table.

1 kgf/cm21735.5591.000028 x 1040.0980665M
1 mmHg1.3595 x 10-311.3595 x 100.133322k
1 mmH2O0.99997 x 10-47.356 x 10-210.00980665k
1 Pa(N/m2)1.0197 x 10-57.5006 x 10-30.101971


How many kgf/cm2 is 10 Pa?

Pa = 1.0197 x 10-5 (kgf/cm2), so 10 Pa = 10-4(kgf/cm2).

How many Pa is 10 kgf/cm2?

1 kgf/cm2 = 0.0980665 Mpa, so 10 kgf/cm2 = 0.980665 Mpa.