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Displacement Sensor: Measure Thickness by Placing Object between two Sensor Heads

FAQ No. FAQ03266

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Can Z500 Profile Measuring System and Z550 Multi-Dimensional Sensor be used to measure the thickness of an object by connecting two Sensor Heads?


Unlike Z300 High-precision Laser Profiling System, the thickness cannot be measured by placing the object between two Sensor Heads.

The Z500 and Z550 can be used by connecting two Sensor Heads, but only one of the Sensor Heads is used to make a measurement. For each scene, one Sensor is used, either Sensor 0 or Sensor 1. (Two Sensors cannot be used for the same scene.)

The Z500 and Z550 do not have the ability to conduct calculations using the data from two Sensors.

For these reasons, the Sensors cannot be used to measure the thickness of an object.

The number of the Sensor (i.e., Sensor 0 or Sensor 1) is determined by the connector used to connect the Sensor to Controller.