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General-purpose Relays

Model Number
of Poles
Operating Coil Ratings Contact Ratings Certification No.
MY( )
("New" model)
2 6 to 240V AC
6 to 125V DC
10A 250V AC(Resistive)
2A 250V AC(PF0.4)
10A 30V DC(Resistive)
2A 30V DC(L/R=7ms)
4 5A 250V AC(Resistive)
0.8A 250V AC(PF0.4)
5A 30V DC(Resistive)
1.5A 30V DC(L/R=7ms)
MY( )
"New" models)
2 6 to 240V AC
6 to 220V DC
2A 30V DC(L/R=7ms)
2A 200V AC(cosφ=0.4)
4 1.5A 30V DC(L/R=7ms)
0.8A 200V AC(cosφ=0.4)
1.5A 115V AC(cosφ=0.4)
LY( ) 2 6 to 240V AC
6 to 125V DC
7.5A 230V AC(cosφ=0.4)
5A 24V DC(L/R=7ms)
MK2(P) 2 6 to 240V AC
6 to 200V DC
7.5(5)A 220V AC(Resistive Load)
5(3)A 24V DC(Resistive Load)
3(2)A 220V AC(Inductive Load)
4(2.5)A 24V DC(Inductive Load)
MK3(P) 3 5(3)A 220V AC(Resistive Load)
3(2)A 24V DC(Resistive Load)
2(1.2)A 220V AC(Inductive Load)
2.5(1.5)A 24V DC(Inductive Load)
MK[]ZP 2
3A 220V AC(Resistive Load)
2A 24V DC(Resistive Load)
1.2A 220V AC(Inductive Load)
1.5A 24V DC(Inductive Load)
MM[](B) 2
6 to 240V AC
6 to 220V DC
15A 220V AC(General Use)
10A 24V DC(General Use)
MM[]X(B) 10A 110V DC(Resistive Load)
7A 110V DC(Inductive Load)
MM[]P 7.5A 220V AC(General Use)
5A 24V DC(General Use)
MM[]XP 7A 110V DC(Resistive Load)
6A 110V DC(Inductive Load)
MM[]K(B) 2
6 to 200V AC
6 to 220V DC
10A 220V AC(General Use)
7A 24V DC(General Use)
MM[]XK(B) 7A 110V DC(Resistive Load)
6A 110V DC(Inductive Load)
MM[]KP 5A 220V AC(General Use)
4A 24V DC(General Use)
MM[]XKP 5A 110V DC(General Use)
(excluding models ending in "-LA12" or "-LB12"))
6 to 240V AC
6 to 125V DC
220V AC 3A(cosφ=1)
220V AC 0.8A(cosφ=0.4)
24V DC 3A(L/R=0ms)
24V DC 1.5A(L/R=7ms)
G2R 1
6 to 240V AC
3 to 110V DC
* 94/10019
*Ask your OMRON representative for settings.