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Discontinued On Dec. 2015


Data Logger


High-speed, wide-range voltage measurement model

* Information in this page is a reference that you created on the basis of information in the product catalog before the end of production, may be different from the current situation, such as goods for / supported standards options / price / features of the product. Before using, please check the compatibility and safety system.

Standard set

Item Model
Data Logger ZR-RX70A-[]

Models compatible with power supply and voltage specifications for each country, as well as conforming to Chinese RoHS are also available. For details, please consult your dealer.


Item Model
Battery Pack ZR-XRB1
Humidity Sensor (3 m) ZR-XRH1
DC Cable (2 m) ZR-XRD1
Logic Alarm Cable (2 m) ZR-XRL1
BNC-Crocodile Cable (2 m) ZR-XRC1
Special PC Software Wave Inspire RX ZR-SX10

Please visit the Omron web site for details on calibration service formats and prices.
Extensive lineup of temperature sensors also available. For details, please visit the Omron web site.