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Discontinued On Dec. 2015


Data Logger


High-speed, wide-range voltage measurement model

* Information in this page is a reference that you created on the basis of information in the product catalog before the end of production, may be different from the current situation, such as goods for / supported standards options / price / features of the product. Before using, please check the compatibility and safety system.

Main unit

Item ZR-RX70A-[]
Input method All channels isolated input, Simultaneous sampling of all channels
Input terminal shape BNC terminal: For voltage measurement
M3 screw type terminal: For voltage/temperature measurement *1
Number of analog input channels 8 ch
Sampling speeds 10 μs to 1 min
A/D resolution 16 bit
A/D conversion system Sequential comparison
Voltage 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 mV, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 V, 1-5 V F.S.
Thermocouple K, J, E, T, R, S, B, N, W (WRe5-26)
Humidity 0% to 100% (Voltage 0 to 1 V scaling conversion) *2
Digital input Logic input (4 ch) or Pulse input (4 ch) *3 *4
Alarm output 4 ch (Open collector output)
Functions Trigger functions External trigger input (1 ch), input signal level, time In combination with
timer mode, date and time can be set, and a wide variety of trigger
settings such as "Every Day Cycle" and "Every Hour Cycle" can be made
Filter functions Off, Line, 5 Hz, 50 Hz, 500 Hz
Calculation function Statistical calculation *5: Average, peak, maximum, minimum, RMS
(maximum of 2 can be set simultaneously)
Function Ethernet
Web server function, FTP server function, NTP client function
Realtime data transfer to the PC, Unit control from a PC
USB Realtime data transfer to the PC
Internal RAM: approx. 64 MB Flash memory: approx. 256 MB
External USB memory *6
Display 5.7-inch color LCD (QVGA: 320 × 240 dots)
Operating environment 0 to 40°C, 5% to 85% (15 to 35°C when operated on batteries)
Vibration resistance Equivalent to automobile parts Type 1 Category A classification
Power supply AC adaptor; AC100 to 240 V/50 to 60 Hz *7, DC drive: 8.5 V to 24 V,
Battery: DC7.4 V (2 packs)
Power consumption 42 VA (When the AC adaptor is used)
Weight approx. 1.1 kg (Excluding batteries and AC adaptor)
External dimensions 232 × 150 × 80 mm
Accessories User's Manual, Utility disk (CD-ROM), AC Adaptor/AC cable

*1. BNC terminal and M3 screw type terminal of the same channel cannot be used simultaneously.
*2. A humidity sensor ZR-XRH1 is necessary.
*3. A logic alarm cable ZR-XRL1 is necessary.
*4. Pulse input: Revolutions mode/Counts mode/Inst. mode switch method
*5. Designate real-time or between-cursors mode (during playback)
*6. 1 file max. 2GB (depending on memory device used)
*7. Be sure to use only the AC cable and AC adaptor provided as accessories.

Measurement Accuracy

Item ZR-RX70A-[]
Voltage ±0.25% of F.S.
Thermocouple Measurement Temperature Range (°C) Measurement accuracy
R/S 0 ≤ TS ≤ 100 ±7.0°C
100 < TS ≤ 300 ±5.0°C
R : 300 < TS ≤ 1600 ±(0.05% of rdg + 3.0°C)
S : 300 < TS ≤ 1760 ±(0.05% of rdg + 3.0°C)
B 400 ≤ TS ≤ 600 ±5.5°C
600 < TS ≤ 1820 ±(0.05% of rdg + 3.0°C)
K -200 ≤ TS ≤ -100 ±(0.05% of rdg + 3.0°C)
-100 < TS ≤ 1370 ±(0.05% of rdg + 2.0°C)
E -200 ≤ TS ≤ -100 ±(0.05% of rdg + 3.0°C)
-100 < TS ≤ 800 ±(0.05% of rdg + 2.0°C)
T -200 ≤ TS ≤ -100 ±(0.1% of rdg + 2.5°C)
-100 < TS ≤ 400 ±(0.1% of rdg + 1.5°C)
J -200 ≤ TS ≤ -100 ±3.7°C
-100 < TS ≤ 100 ±2.7°C
100 < TS ≤ 1100 ±(0.05% of rdg + 2.0°C)
N 0 ≤ TS ≤ 1300 ±(0.1% of rdg + 2.0°C)
W 0 ≤ TS ≤ 2000 ±(0.1% of rdg + 2.5°C)

*1. Operating environment 23°C±5°C
       When 30 minutes or more have elapsed after power was switched on Filter Line/GND connected; Thermocouple
       used is T: 0.32 dia., others: 0.65 dia.

Humidity Sensor ZR-XRH1 (Option)

Item Description
Allowable temperature range -25 to 80°C
Allowable humidity range 0% to 100%
Relative humidity measurement accuracy ±3% (5% to 98% at 25°C)
Response time 15 sec (90% response when membrane filter installed)
Sensor output 0 to 1 VDC
External dimensions dia. 14 mm × 80 mm (excluding cable)
Cable length 3 m

PC Software

Item Special PC software ZR-SX10 Standard PC software
Wave Inspire RX (Since Ver.2.4)
(Option Specifications)
Smart Viewer RX70 (Since Ver.2.0)
(Standard accessories)
Compatible logger ZR-RX25/RX45/RX70/RX20/RX40 ZR-RX70
Compatible operating
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista
CPU Intel-compatible, 1 GHz or faster processor
recommended, Intel Atom CPU not
Pentium 4: 2.0 GHz or faster processor
recommended, Intel Atom CPU not
Memory Windows XP: 512 MB or more Windows
Vista/Windows 7: 1 GB or more
512 MB or more (recommended: 1 GB or
Display 1024 × 768 or higher, screen resolution,
65,535 color (16-bit color) or higher screen
1024 × 768 or higher screen resolution
Compatible interface USB, LAN
Standard functions Review saved data, real-time capture of PC data, main unit setup, CSV file conversion
Waveform operation Direct operation of waveform by mouse or
icons, Batch processing of selected
Change CH scales individually by icons
Waveform display Display graphs in multi-window, X-Y View,
FFT View, Handy function of switching
waveform, Display function of grouping
channel, Scrolling for all directions (up,
down, right, left)
Display in single window, X-Y View between
Cursors (only during replay), Display function
of grouping channel
Configuration function - Channel grouping fuction, Main unit setup
External control of
Advanced channel grouping function,
Advanced Listview setup function, Main unit
Available (can set and display)
Captured data Binary file (original format): Captured data and the information of graph window are saved.
CSV file: Captured data is saved in comma-separated value format: Binary files can be
converted to CSV files all at once
Others Cursor function, Comment Input function, Excel transfer function

*1: Even when using a PC with adequate specifications, capture errors occur at times because the PC is in bad condition.
        (For example, when other applications are open, or recording medium has no free area.) When you capture data
        using this software, please close all the other applications and save captured data to the hard disk.
*2: Don’t start up other applications while this software is operating, and don’t perform multiple operations. (For
        example, screen saver, virus scan program, copying and moving files, searching files, etc.)