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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


CompoNet is a global multi-vendor open network that achieves high-speed data communications.

Take a look at this overview of the entire CompoNet Series.

Master Unit and Master Board for CompoNet

Gateway units that connect CompoNet to other types of networks.

Digital I/O Slave Units for CompoNet provide a variety of blocks - including Screw Terminal Blocks, e-CON Connectors, Clamp Terminal Blocks, and blocks just 15 mm in width, the thinnest class in the industry.

Analog I/O Slave Units for CompoNet include vertical units with the industry's thinnest class width to help save space and units with numerical indicator to facilitate system start-up.

Temperature Input Units, Expansion Units, Logic Slaves, and Smart Slice

Bit Slave Units for CompoNet are exact fits for 2 and 4-point bit-level distribution, and IP54 dust-splash-proof models are also available.

Simple and Intelligent Repeater Units can make it easier to wire and extend the cable length of CompoNet networks.

A Communications Gateway that Connects Smart Sensors to CompoNet.

Multi-function Compact Inverter. Support for open network with Communications Unit

Various types of cables and connectors are provided to facilitate wiring CompoNet by attaching connectors to units and communications cables.