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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


DeviceNet is applied in IEC international standards and more than 800 companies provide DeviceNet products, making DeviceNet a highly dependable field network alternative.

Take a look at this overview of the entire DeviceNet Series.

DeviceNet Master Units and Boards are listed below. The DeviceNet Unit can be used to simultaneously implements master and slave functions.

DeviceNet Slave Units are listed below. Slaves are available with many connection forms, such as MIL connectors and screwless clamp terminals.

MULTIPLE I/O Terminals can be built from a DeviceNet Communications Unit and building-block Slaves. I/O Units can be easily added to or removed, enabling the simplest maintenance possible.

The Configurator is a software product that provides a graphical working interface to enable easy-to-understand setting, startup, and maintenance of a multi-vendor system.

Many types of Cables, Connectors, Branching Taps, the Branching Connectors are provided to facilitate wiring DeviceNet networks.