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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


EtherCAT is a high-performance field network able to connect drive devices, intelligent sensors and I/O devices using Ethernet technologies

Network Solutions for Control Automation Technology. Achieving "high-speed and high-precision" machine control through the world's highest level network solution.

Master Units that integrate motion, PLC, and vision controls.

EtherCAT Coupler and Slice I/O Units which enable high-speed and high-precision control.

Servomotors and Servo Drivers are provided for the purpose of high-speed, high-precision control. Drives with built-in EtherCAT communications are available.

With Machine Automation Mentality. EtherCAT Communications with optional unit.

Realizes high-speed communication to match a variety of applications

A Communications Gateway that Connects Smart Sensors to EtherCAT.

With these Separate-amplifier Sensors, the light from the Amplifier is transmitted through a fiber to enable detection in narrow places, other locations with limited access.

These Sensors can be used to measure distances and heights. A wide variety of models is available, including Laser Sensors, LED Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Contact Sensors, Eddy Current Sensors, and more.

Vision sensors for high-speed positioning machines.

EtherCAT junction slaves and Cabels.